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If you’re looking to beat the terrible rates currently available from the Banks then a Fixed Rate Investment is perfect for you.

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The above rates are based on an investment of $25,000 


Fixed interest or fixed income investments are a type of investment that offers regular set returns over a specific period of time. The idea of fixed income is that your rate of return is known, so unlike when you invest in stocks or most other kinds of investments, your wealth doesn’t fluctuate or fall, for this reason, fixed-income assets are often seen as one of the safest forms of investing. Fixed Income or Fixed Interest investments include some of the most popular investment classes in South Africa such as Term Deposits, Investment Funds & Government Bonds.

It’s important to understand that fixed income encompasses many different kinds of products, meaning each product offered also has varying levels of risk and security.  All investment firms introduced by Capital Markets have products listed as guaranteed or regulated.


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Interest is calculated daily and paid annually into a bank account of your choice. There are often further benefits and additional bonus’ and preferential rates available for investors that extend or hold their investments past their maturity date.

This varies from provider to provider, but in general you’ll need to give at least 31 days’ notice. Please note that accessing your funds before maturity will often incur a prepayment cost, which is usually outlined in the terms and conditions.

If you haven’t provided instructions for when your term deposit matures, more often than not it will automatically be reinvested for the same term at the interest rate applicable on the date of maturity. You often will have seven calendar days after your funds are reinvested to make any changes (such as adding or withdrawing funds) at no cost.

The maximum amount you can deposit depends on the provider.

In general the maximum deposits are $499,999

If you’d like to apply for a higher term deposit amount, speak with the product provider who can instruct you on the process.

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